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Welcome to Alex Garcias - Smart Contracts

We write Legal Smart Contracts to solve legal problems without intermediaries

Legal Smart Contracts replaces common legal contracts. Every human relationship can be controlled by Legal Smart Contract.
We can build Smart Contract to Open Corporate Capital, start local and global investment; send and receive local and global payments; Build testments; Government Bidding; Buy and sell; Hiring people; Real Estate, Properties; Animals control, Human and animal health; Education; Human and animal biology; Smart Contracts to Agriculture
Smart Contracts can solve many conflicts without intermediaries as judicial system, attorney, judge, prosecutors, banks and others. Conflict resolves within seconds according to Smart Contract solutions.

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Who We are

We Are Alex Garcias

We are a law firm specializing in technology. We build solutions

Since 2001 Alex Garcias does scientific research on Smart Contract, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Crypto-assets, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, with the aim of solving legal problems in the local and international markets.

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Our Service

Alex Garcias we create Ecosystem to solve legal problem with Smart Contract without intermediaries.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contract can solve legal conflicts without intermediaries.
Replace the common agreement by Smart Contract

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Immutability
  • Security
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Features & Overviews

We create Legal Smart Contract to solve legal problems
Smart Contract replaces the common agreement

  • Legal Smart Contracts

    We create Ecosystem. Smart Contract solve legal problem.

  • Browser Compatible

    The Ecosystem is online. Simples subscribe to start use

  • Trust

    All Smart Contract are registered in Blockchain. Immutability data.

  • Easy to Customize

    We can create a special Smart Contract to solve problems and control your business.

  • No intermediaries

    Smart Contract can solve many problems without intermediaries as judicial system, banks.

  • Primary Key

    Alex Garcias Ecosystem to stores all Smart Contract Key

  • Hash's

    All your Smart Contract hash in the same place

  • Simple Clean Code

    To create token, Crypto-Assets, easy to interact.


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