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The Alex Garcias office in São Paulo is headquartered for practice in Latin America. It is strategically located to provide legal advice to companies that seek expansion in the world market. In the same way advising customers around the world with investments in Brazil and other Latin American countries through partnerships with the most reputable and respected lawyers in the world.

Founded in 2001 with acting in national and foreign legal consultancy, the office offers customers legal provision in North American law, French law, Italian law, Spanish law, Portuguese law, law of Brazil by means of Multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in operations in Brazil, Latin America and other parts of the world.

The São Paulo office is focused on national and international operations involving corporate research, scientific research in Blockchain, Smart contract, self-exectable contract, General Legislation for Protection of Data, LGPD, Internet of Things IoT, Crypto-currencies, Initial Offer of Coins (ICO), Initial Material Offering (IMO) applied to solving problems and conflicts in: Credit Instrument for Fintech, Environmental Law; Antidumping; Arbitration; Antitrust and Competition Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Drug Law, Economic and Financial Law, Intellectual Property, Real Estate Law, Tax Law, Energy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Indemnification, Internationalization of Companies, Capital Internationalization, Business Law, International Law , Corporate Reorganization, Tax Law, Investments, Compliance, Contracts in general, Human Rights, Start-up, Alex Garcias and Advogados is considered one of the offices in Brazil with the largest number of international connections, more than 500. With capacity of attendance in 5 languages.


The Office Alex Garcias works with Multidiciplinas team in the United States, Europe and Asia in consultation and litigation to deal with anti-dumping measures in domestic law and in the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO). International competition in operation in domestic markets has altertado governments and organizations on the practice of consumer prices. Aiming to protect the internal market in price below competition arises anti-dumping protections. Our office has specialized team, with training in the Academy of the World Trade Organization, for advisory of companies, Assossiações, Governments for the practice of consumer prices and anti-dumping measures. Our lawyers have vast experience and are united in one computerized system. This gives our clients access to the best experts in the world.


Alex Garcias | Lawyers have one of the strongest international areas and arbitration practices. The amount of international connections our office has makes it possible to serve our customers in various locations around the world. Our offices, located in the most important commercial and financial centers of the world are connected by common platform of information technology. which allows you to have hundreds of specialists for immediate Consultation for the best solution of the problem issue.


Alex Garcias | Advogados is a pioneer in studies and research on Blockchain technology. We developed research for the application of Blockchain Technology in the following topics of Business Law: Acquisition companies; Anti-dumping; Competition and Antitrust Law; Arbitration; Business Law; Open cannabis market; Indemnification; Consumer Law; Contracts in general; Corporate research; Criminal Law; Economic-Financial Criminal Law; Energy; Environmental Law; Mergers; Cheers; Human rights; Incorporate companies; Indemnity; Intellectual property; International right; Internationalization of companies and capital; Investments; Labor law; Real Estate Law; Restructuring of companies; Scientific investigation; Divided companies; Start-up; Tax law.


Alex Garcias and lawyers have Multidicipinar team in 5 countries, in 5 languages, with the best experts in the world in various classes of contracts. From contracts between physical persons, prenuptial contracts, buying and selling and leasing to contracts between governments and large corporations. We have by tradition the participation, elaboration and revision of various contracts for the purchase and sale of ores, aircraft, tourism and cargo vessels in several countries.

Environmental law

The attorneys at the office Alex Garcias are involved in several prominent cases in the protection of the environment. We conduct studies on the economic value of plastic waste in the Mediterranean Sea. Studies for the Assembly of plastic recycling microplants in the Mediterranean Sea. Projects about Bistro Restaurant with business plan with rules of the blue and green economy. Project for the installation of shrimp farms in developing countries and isolated sites, associated with the objectives of the UN and FAO. Studies on anti-dumping measures and protection of products and services with a source of sustainable activity, among others. Our activity is the consultancy for the protection of the environment. We perform in actions by exposures to chemicals, actions of responsibility for food products and consumption, deforestation, water pollution in rivers and oceans, protection of animals, forest protection, permits, reforestation, Start-up, mining and all kinds of transindividual right to balance the sound quality of life of people.

Antitrust and competition

Our lawyers represent clients in major issues of competitive law. We operate directly with mergers and acquisitions, government investigations, civil and criminal litigation and daily consultancy for multinational companies and small businesses, Start-up, media companies worldwide. Our performance is consistently ranked among the best legal performances in competitive law in research between internal lawyers and legal directories. We guide our customers during the competitive process in emerging, developing, and developed markets. Transforming problems into solution during major merger or business acquisition transactions worldwide. We operate in a multidisciplinary combination. Lawyers who specialize in procedural law work together with lawyers who specialize in corporate criminal investigation. The result is a scientific work of high technical quality. The same required for publication of scientific article in the Royal Academy of London.

Corporate Law

Alex Garcias and lawyers have a multidisciplinary team to advise the legal person in all sectors. Every company aims to grow by means of market conquest. To grow solidly the legal person needs, in addition to an experienced entrepreneur, a series of measures of balances of checks. Our work is in advising the entrepreneur since the creation of the legal entity, with the elaboration of business plan and training contracts to international contracts, mergers and acquisitions, in Brazil and in the world. Our integrated system offers our clients access to the best business law professionals in the world. With them your venture is more likely to succeed.

Real Estate Law

The area of real estate law of the Office Alex Garcais is diversified with professionals in all branches of real estate law. Our team of real estate professionals work in a multidisciplinary management model. To share experience with other professionals of environmental law, tax, financial, investment, corporate, banking to find and present concrete solutions for our customers, in which they include prominent investment banks, Real estate funds, institutional investors, lenders, companies mentioned in Fortune 500 and Financial Times 500, public and private companies in the real estate area, retailers and companies in the hotel and hospitality industry. Our activity includes buying, selling, leasing, financing, capital investment, leasing and asset management, construction and development, joint ventures, account contracts in participation, management of private capital real estate funds, Contracts in general, national administration of international good mobile and property.

International law

The area of international law is strong in our office. Our partner lawyers have relevant performance in cases of international prominence advising the physical person, the legal person of small, medium and large in the relationship between two or more countries, and governments. We have extensive experience in the study and research of international treaties that compel the greatest nations in the world. Our performance in the international market marks presence from advising the physical person to defense in international court.

Economic law

Alex Garcias | Lawyers have one of the strongest international areas and arbitration practices. The amount of international connections our office has makes it possible to serve our customers in various locations around the world. Our offices, located in the most important commercial and financial centers of the world are connected by common platform of information technology. which allows you to have hundreds of specialists for immediate Consultation for the best solution of the problem issue.

Financial law

The area of banking, financial and securities law of Alex Garcias and lawyers has a multidisciplinary team to help our clients participate in World trade transformations. We participate in several transactions involving public and private capital for investment in the first, second and third sector of the global economy. We participate and produce studies and research on the world monetary system, modalities for national and international financing, loan contracts, financing, investments around the world. In Brazil we are protagonists and referential for companies of small, medium and large size for the production of technical material and adequacy of the legal person for the requirement of monetary value with the financial institution, public or private.

Criminal law

Alex Garcias and lawyers have a multidisciplinary team to assist our clients in criminal law issues. We have conducted hundreds of studies in criminal law, such as criminology, victimology, criminal tax direct, economic and financial criminal law, war Crimes, genocide, international drug trafficking, international trafficking in animals, trafficking International people, Court of the jury, criminal investigation for individuals and corporations, leniency agreement, legal Counsel in criminal matters for partners, administrators, managers, directors of legal entity, agreements in it Award-winning, Defense of public agent, defense of public security agents, defense of political agent. Our criminal law banking is exceptional.

Tax law

The area of tax law of the Office Alex Garcias advises clients and partners aiming to transform problem in solution to the strengthening of the legal person and growth of the internal and external market. Our specialty in tax law is indispensable tool for the development of modern companies. The payment of taxes is a predominant factor in the management of any business. It is prudent for the entrepreneur to have legal support of tax law. Thus, you will know in advance your duties and rights and will be programmed with robustness for responsible growth. Many of our partner lawyers are considered the best tributaristas in the world. The knowledge and experience of each lawyer is accessible through our office. That through a long tradition of collaboration and cooperation with other countries gathers team multidisciplinary to research solution in tax matters.

Human rights

Alex Garcias and lawyers have a multidisciplinary team to assist our clients in human rights issues in the attendance of the physical person and the legal person. All the actions of our partner lawyers are intended to defend the rights of men. We have frequent performance in the protection and defense of Fundamental law in international treaty in various nations. Recently, our focus on human rights has increased. We create valuable connections with the best professionals in the world for the defense of Universal law in 5 countries. Our artificial intelligence platform integrates our lawyers partners around the world. Our client has access to the competent, highly specialized staff for legal and administrative assistance.

Merger and acquisition

Since the beginning of the activities Alex Garcias and lawyers has conducted mergers and acquisitions of small, medium and large companies. Our Legal Office management model is unified. All lawyers and other partners from other human knowledge sciences form affordable staff to serve our customers. Our activity is not only documentary. Our activity is full management of the legal person, with business risk assessment, investment return term evaluation, business plans, marketing plan, lending plans, negotiation, restructuring or structuring of the legal person For acquisition and Fusion. Corporate research, organization of processes, internationalization of companies and capital, governance of people and administrative procedures. Our team has specialized professionals for immediate action in all sectors of the jurírica person, in 5 countries in 5 languages.


Our insurance compensation area is dedicated to representing legal persons the potential of their insured assets. The insurance is important active for small, medium and large corporations. Our office has specialized team in insurance for physical person and legal person. With performance in research, processes and procedures for recovery of monetary value for our customers with insurance policies. Research in insurance contracts, hiring insurance for activities in all sectors of the economy, insurance companies, investment sales, planning and strategy for hiring insurance for legal persons, receiving insurance. We have worked on issues that involve insurance in world trade and insurance for for products and services of the legal person and physical person around the world.

Intellectual Property

Our office has a relevant role in intellectual property. Many of our lawyers are specialists formed by the World Trade Organization Academy, as CEO Alex Garcia. We work to protect the rights of the legal entity through Industrial property in many countries. Trademark, patents, certificate of origin, certificate of geographical location, software, transfer of technology, boards and integrated circuit. We have a multidisciplinary team formed exclusively to meet the needs of the Industrial property Several countries of the world, in partnership with the best professionals. We have a relevant role in industrial property in Latin America. Participant in a number of important records for society.


Alex Garcias and lawyers have multi-disciplinary team to cater to all sectors of small, medium and large companies with activity between 0 and 5 years. Our professionals advise the entrepreneur to guide the legal person towards success in the internal market for subsequent entry into the international market. Our teams have the competence to advise the legal person on a daily basis. Adjusting the administration to local and international law, reviewing contracts, deadlines for payment and receipt, acting in business with investors, with banks in loan contracts, with suppliers. Our performance is of legal-administrative administration at all phases of the business plan. We have highlights in the driving and protection of Start-ups rights. We offer access to the best professionals in the world to help our customers succeed in their enterprise

Open Market

Since the beginning of the activities Alex Garcias and lawyers has conducted research in several countries aiming to identify market openings. Our studies have a fundamental role as a tool of information and knowledge for our clients in the opening of the market in Cuba and several countries in Africa. We are very active in this matter. Our activities are observing the opening of the market for various products and services in Brazil. A large part related to the drug industry. Cosmetics. In this performance, our professionals advise the entrepreneur in all phases of the opening of the market. From the first contacts with the target market up to aid in the legal-administrative control of the legal person. Our primary preocupaçã is to protect intellectual property rights for action in emerging markets and in international training.

Digital Law

Our office has specialized team in assistive of information and in Digital law. With the speed of information it is necessary to devise ways to protect the data of our clients and the secrecy of various information in the corporations. Our professionals have the competence to act in the various segments of Digital rights. We have a relevant role in the production of research and performance in digital crime, data protection, intellectual property and new technologies, crimes against trademarks and patents in digital media, research, electronic commerce training, merger of companies in E-commerce, acquisition of companies in e-commerce, investments in e-commerce, crimes practiced by digital media.