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Alex Garcias – Legal Smart Contract


The centralized economic system shows us as a dangerous method to drive the global economy. Evidence can be observed in economic indicators around the world. The current economic system, in the centralized method, kills many people in seconds in the world.

The current economic system has put all the money in the world into the hands of a few people. About 5% of people are the richest in the world and about 95% of people do not have a decent life based on their survival. When we look at the current economic system, do we see a good thing? The system that makes about 95% of people miserable cannot be fair.

But what is fair when we talk about rights, duties and the economic system? We consider human rights fair. If the centralized system responsible for the centralized economy is contrary to human rights, it is unfair and needs to be corrected.

The natural tendency with technological support is the decentralized path of the three pillars of democracy. Technologies for resolving conflicts in the system of democracy. The financial system is a conflict with human rights that needs evolution.

The centralized system shows us many financial and economic crises and, in the relationship between cause and effect, affects all peoples, no matter the place. Everything will feel the impact of the crisis. So, we know part of the problem about centralized system and financial system. This is enough to look at the other methods of resolving conflicts over the current world financial system and human rights.

In this essay, we look at the decentralized system and its application to the current world financial system, with the aim of resolving conflicts between the centralized economic system and the rights and duties set forth in the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights.


Classic system

What is centralized method for producing Economy?

What method do we have to produce Economy?

What method do we have to distribute Economy?

Modern system

What is Economy P2P?

What is decentralized method for producing Economy P2P?

What is decentralized method for distribute Economy P2P?

What is decentralized method for buy and sell Economy P2P?

How to use Blockchain for Economy P2P;

How to use IoT for Economy P2P;

How to use Artificial Intelligence for Economy P2P;

How to use Crypto-assets for Economy P2P;

How to use Smart contracts for Economy P2P;

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Monetary mechanics is changing. The classical model is replaced by modern monetary mechanics. The method of accessing investments, dividing recompense into two or more countries, buying and selling in world trade or domestic market, solving international conflicts, dividing opportunities for all people in Human Rights, false government, untruthful data security, false bank, untrue stock exchange, untruthful judiciary, false corporate, untrue education, untrue Federal Bank, false fractional reserve system, false classical money, are causes that the effects are the collapse of the classical monetary system, classical trading system, classical government system, classical judicial system. The current monetary mechanism is bankrupt.

How is the market and the relationship between people, companies, governments, banks, stock exchanges, jobs, investments, corporate governance, legal, recompense without the classic monetary system, no classic money, no classic jobs, no classic recompense, no bag of classical values? without the classic division of recompense, without classic money, without access to banks, without the judiciary to resolve conflicts?

Centralized method

The current system around the world has a centralized method. The government centralized, the Judiciary centralized, the power to draft rules and laws centralized, centralized control of the World Trade. Global investment control is centralized. The whole system in government and structure to control and resolve conflicts and money are centralized. If the individual or the companies have a conflict, the centralized method is to solve the problem by the Judiciary and its chain: lawyers, prosecutors, judges and others.

If the individual or companies need money to invest in their projects, the centralized method is the bank, the government or the stock exchange. Monopoly of classical money.

If the individual or companies they want to invest in any company anywhere in the world, the centralized method is the worldwide stock exchange. We believe that investments in publicly traded companies are for few people and investments in stock market are for few companies. Most people and most companies around the world do not participate in the stock exchange system to send or receive investments.

In Brazil, for example, they have more or less 9 million companies registered in the government system. The Brazilian stock exchange has more or less 250 companies.

In Brazil, for example, they have 210 million people. The number of Brazilians who invest in companies inside or outside the classic stock exchange system is insignificant.

Note the total number of companies that are registered in the US government system, France’s government system, Italy’s government system, China’s government system linked to the total amount of the company that has publicly traded stock in those countries. Note the total amount of the person in those countries, for example, that sends and receives recompense through the classic system of the stock exchange. Note that the classic system for resolving conflicts, classic system to send and receive market recompense are for the few people and few companies around the world.

Is there a new method for people and companies around the world to send and receive investments to other people or other companies without a classic stock exchange system without a classic money system without a classic system for resolving conflicts?

How individuals and companies in developing and isolated countries can receive and send investments from anywhere in the world to their personal or corporate projects without a classic stock exchange system, classic banking system, classic government system, solve international problems or domestic trade conflicts?

African, Brazilian, Chinese, singer, musician, farmer, fisherman, actor, author or other can send and receive investments worldwide without classic stock exchange system, classic banking system, classic system of government, classic court system?

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