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In the world we have only one method Open Corporate Capital (IPO). The method is centralized. Countries have stock exchanges. If the entrepreneur wants to open Corporate Capital for his small or medium business, he should go to the centralized market and start corporate capital on the Stock Exchange like Dow Jones, NASDAQ and others in other countries.

That’s nice? Of course, it’s great Open Corporate Capital on Dow Jones or NASDAQ. But how many companies have the financial and technical conditions to Open Corporate Capital at Dow Jones or NASDAQ, as an example?

The Centralized Stock Exchange, like Dow Jones and NASDAQ, should consolidate companies with great financial capacity and excellent technical conditions. Because this is the centralized market rule for corporate IPO.

This truth is shown in the simple question: How many companies are registered in the government of your country? How many in your country are IPO on the stock exchange?

There is no doubt that the number of companies registered in the government is greater than the number of companies with centralized IPOs.

Cause and effect in the chain

What is the effect if all companies registered in the government open corporate capital in central Stock Exchange?

What is the effect if all companies registered in the government and registered in centralized Stock Exchange open corporate capital by crypto-assets?


The objective of Open Corporate Capital is to expose the company, profit and win investments. The Trilogy: Company Exposure, Profit, and Investment is the gas for any company or project. Without the trilogy, bankruptcy is the only way.

There is many companies and many people around the world that need investments, company exposition and profit for projects.

The centralized system cannot be accessed by all people and businesses. Only companies with large financial capacity, large technical support can access the centralized stock market such as Dow Jones or NASDAQ.

In this essay we look at the simple method to Open Corporate Capital by Crypto-assets as alternative to centralized Stock Exchange market.

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